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Thank you for considering 2 Nice Guys Termite and Pest Control services, a family owned company serving the greater St. Louis Area for over 3 decades. Our mission is to protect your family, health, and property while preserving the environment. We are voted St. Louis Top Green Company, by the (St. Louis Green Project).

All products used are non-carcengenic, non-mutigenic, oderless, safe to touch after drying, child and pet friendly.

No Contracts

Unlike many pest control companies, we do NOT require monthly fees or require any commitments from our customers. We simply take care of your termite or pest control problems without the hassle.

No Risk

2 Nice Guys Pest Control is a licensed, insured and bonded company. You have no need to worry about the liability issues as 2 Nice Guys is a fully insured and bonded company.

Pet & Kid Friendly

Full disclosure of products used will be provided upon request. It is important that our customers know the active ingredients that we use on-site.

Over 30 Years of Service

2 Nice Guys Termite and Pest Control have been serving St. Louis and the surrounding area for over 3 decades. We make sure that your pest control is handled by a true professional that is ABSOLUTELY committed to you, like we have been for 25 years. We have served thousands of satisfied customers in the St. Louis and St. Charles, MO area. 2 Nice Guys Termite and Pest Control, family owned and operated, has solved our customer's pest problems in St. Louis, Jefferson County and St. Charles County for over 25 years. 2 Nice Guys Termite and Pest Control are committed to providing the best service. Whether it's squirrels in your attic, mice, roaches, ants or termites hiding behind the walls, 2 Nice Guys Termite and Pest control will provide you the service you need.


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Call us at (636) 464-1411 today for a FREE estimate for Pest Control Service in St. Louis.

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