Flies can be quite the nuisance when flying around your business or commercial office space.

Not only can they distract your employees but they also transmit diseases, so getting rid of them is of course, important!

Our commercial fly control services involve much more than a professional fly swatter.

There are actually a couple types of common flies in Missouri and each one needs different types of fly control methods so we first need to identify they species.

Next, we will seek out where they may have laid any eggs. Many times it is near their main food source like trash but other times it may not be so obvious. Regardless, this needs to be take care of quickly before an infestation occurs.

Our highly skilled fly technicians will find these breeding grounds and point out where they may have entered your facility in the first place.

We may use fly bait, traps or an insecticide application to eliminate the adult flies.

A fly situation in your commercial building can get out of hand quickly.

Sometimes its best to call an expert like us to get rid of those flies.